Woodbine's passion for revitalization goes beyond our workplace.

1. Revitalization Begins With Them

Revitalizing a brand really begins with understanding them, your customers. Many companies have it backwards-- they labor over their product, packaging, advertising or channels strategy before they understand what’s really going on with their customers. What’s missing for them in the category? Why has the bond between their brand and them weakened? Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty was inspired by insight into a woman’s self-concept, not with a product improvement. Starbucks didn’t begin with the perfect $5.00 latte; they began by understanding that professionals and students desire a pleasing environment for work and conversation. Revitalization started with understanding them.

See Principle 1 In Action

For the Peds brand footwear relaunch, beginning with them meant uncovering the passionate relationship women have with their shoes. Not with their footwear, but their shoes. So instead of positioning Peds based on typical sock category product attributes, we positioned the brand as a fashion and lifestyle advisor, helping women choose the right footwear to go with the right shoe for the right occasion so they always look their best. We call it Pediquette, the campaign platform that has successfully relaunched Peds at mass retail with national advertising, package redesign, sampling, web and promotional support. All of it showing how much Peds gets women and the passionate relationship they have with that perfect pair of red pumps.